If you are setting goals for the new year, consider adding pest proofing to your list.

While it’s impossible to make your home completely pest-proof, there are a lot of simple changes you can make to drastically decrease the chances of pests making their way into your home.

There are a couple different categories that you can work on. Both have options that are quick and easy to implement.

Keep bugs out.

  • Seal up cracks in your foundation or walls.
  • Caulk windows.
  • Use wire mesh to cover any large openings.
  • Prevent standing water by keeping up the gutter maintenance and making sure there aren’t any water issues around the outside of your home.
  • Use weather strips to seal up door gaps.
  • Don’t store firewood indoors. Only bring in what you will use quickly.

Make your home undesirable.

  • Keep the kitchen clean. Sweep up messes as they happen and wipe countertops.
  • Store food in sealed containers.
  • Keep pet food in sealed containers as well.
  • Maintain your grass.
  • Store trash properly.
  • Keep leaves and firewood away from the foundation of your home.

After all these items are implemented, the next step would be a preventative spray. By regularly deterring pests around the outside of your home you are setting yourself up for a pest-free new year. Call us today to find out about our monthly treatment plans. Or, if you are already seeing signs of a pest infestation, call for a free no-pressure inspection.

At Romans Pest Management, we know that people tend to wait until they have exhausted all options before resorting to a professional. We get it! But, like most other professions, we’ll be the first to say, don’t wait! Instead of wasting time and money on over-the-counter products that are ineffective or wrong for the job, just give us a call to get it done right the first time. We’ll come out and do a FREE no-pressure inspection. If you’re not happy with the estimated amount, we’ll leave, no harm done.

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