1. Spiders
  2. Ladybugs
  3. Stink Bugs

What do all of these pests have in common? With the exception of spiders, they are seeking the warmth of your home!

Spiders are actually active in late summer/early fall because they are searching for a mate. A common misconception about spiders is that they come inside during the winter months. When in actuality, the spiders you see in your home are common house spiders who, in general, have never been outdoors. Outdoor species of spiders are not adapted to indoor conditions and are “cold-blooded”. They are not attracted to warmth and just become less active and eventually dormant as the weather gets colder.

If you notice ladybugs congregating in or around your home in fall or winter, they’re probably Asian lady beetles. While ladybugs overwinter in sheltered sites outdoors, Asian lady beetles often enter homes en-masse. They like to sun themselves on the outside of homes on warm fall days. Once the cold starts at night, and as it gradually gets colder in general, these pests will worm their way into any crack they can find, seeking the warmth of your home. They seem drawn to homes with natural wood siding, in wooded areas, and light-colored homes warmed by sunlight. They particularly like older homes with lots of cracks and crevices. These pests leave behind trails of pheromones, which attracts them to the same sites year after year.

Much like the pesky Asian lady beetles, stink bugs like to congregate on our homes to sun themselves in the fall and also secrete a pheromone to attract more of their friends. They particularly enjoy homes with eastern sun exposure. Also like the Asian lady beetle, they will sneak into your home through any crack they can find, seeking warmth. You may even find them hitching a ride on clothing or other items when going inside your home. During summer these pests usually stick close to consistent sources of their favorite foods. So, if you have fruit trees in your yard, you’ll notice a lot of stink bug activity come fall.

You may be wondering; how do I get rid of these pests?

In the case of stink bugs and the Asian lady beetle, once they’ve already invaded your home, the best way to eliminate them is to call a professional. They are notoriously hard to get rid of and you don’t want them coming back year after year. You can also vacuum them up until a professional is able to assess the situation. Whatever you do, don’t crush them. Crushing them expels a foul-smelling liquid that can stain walls and fabrics and also includes their pheromones, which will just serve to attract more pests. Romans Pest Management can spray the outside of your home to act as a preventative barrier to help detract any newcomers and kill any that may be hanging around waiting to come in.

Household spiders are easier to treat but should still be done by a professional. We can quickly and safely treat the inside of your home with our pet and child-safe pesticides.

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